Miracle Ball Method giveaway

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy helps expectant Moms say goodbye to aches and pains of pregnancy and post-partum belly with ease.  Backaches, indigestion, sore feet, elevated stress, and difficulty breathing are all discomforts an expectant Mom feels during pregnancy.  Each year, near 4 million women experience these discomforts daily and assume they are unavoidable with pregnancy.  What these women don’t know is relieving and reducing muscle tension can help these symptoms lighten very easily.

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy by former dancer, Elaine Petrone,  provides low impact and non-evasive ways to relax muscles and relieve tension.  If you are looking for relief during your pregnancy or are trying to tighten and reshape your postpartum belly, enter our giveaway now to win the Method Book and Miracle Balls to join millions who have already benefited from this method.

Send your name to [email protected] before midnight, August 1, 2011 and your name will automatically be entered.  One lucky winner will be announced Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

Good Luck!

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