How to wear leopard print

Whether your a girl who loves to layer  leopard print from head to toe or one who  likes to add a small touch of your wild side to your wardrobe there is still something very crazy sexy about wearing a  feline print. Typically we recommend wearing a statement piece or one clothing item with leopard print but we have been noticing many ladies out there are layering, layering, layering.  Don’t worry, we’re not judging! We just want to make sure you know what your doing and have some basic guidelines to follow.

Wearing leopard print can be fun and daring, especially for those of you who tackle the idea only once in a blue moon.  Follow these quick and easy steps and you just might love to wear animal print more often and  everyone else will love it on you too!

  • Wear a leopard print accessory or two with a light and airy fabric.  The heaviness of the print will be equally weighed out by the airiness of linen, chiffon, and/or cotton.
  • Wear seasonal appropriate items with your leopard print.  What not to do is wear leopard print leggings and boots in 90 degree weather.
  • Wear colors that flow with your printed clothing or accessory.  Leopard print usually looks great with all colors as long as the outfit is put together right.  A big “no no” would be wearing five colors and an animal print at one time.
  • Always take advantage of leopard print accessories. This is especially important for those of you who are new to wearing such a fun and daring print. Ease into the idea by accessorizing with leopard print items.  Soon enough you’ll be unleashed!
  • Make sure you love wearing leopard.  If your not loving it, your lack of confidence will be easy to see by everyone and your day may not be as productive if your worried about your outfit all day.  It’s always important to feel like yourself and love yourself when you put something on in the morning.  Use leopard print to bring out the wild side of your self confidence.
Crazy Sexy Leopard

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had a leopard print maxi dress in hand, but passed. It was the “lack-of-confidence” part for me. 😉

  2. Cute look. My first picks are the leopard pumps and scarf. I have a lot of girls searching for tips on how to wear animal print and I´ve found that most girls adore leopard print the most. Myself included. 🙂

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