Pregnant Rebecca Minkoff at NYFW

Just two weeks away from giving birth and Glamorous Mom, and fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff still pulled off fashion week like a true professional and with no water breaks.  Well, meaning her water did not break during the show which is what everyone was worried about.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Minkoff reassured her production team she would not be going into labor by saying,  “My water cannot break. I know it would be good press, but, like, it can’t happen.” (Luckily, she was right). 

Minkoff’s show was a little “rocker-ish” including one button cropped jackets, shorts and over sized clutches.  Shades of oranges and chartreuse filled her runway (which are very common hues at NYFW) mainly in staple pieces but also in accessories and lipsticks too. 

Now that the show is over, Minkoff can relax, put her feet up and wait for her little bundle of joy to arrive.  This was her second runway show and third apparel collection.  Now it’s time for the real party to start.  We here at Glamorous Moms wish her the best of luck!

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