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Prints are everywhere this Fall. If you’re a print lover than you’re going to love what I’m about to tell you! Now, you can get use out of old prints and new prints by wearing them together. Yes, together! The key is, you just have to wear them right.  If you’re always admiring someone from a far and wish you too could wear prints, guess what? You can!

Currently,  Southwest patterns are hot. They’re great with fun, beaded and wood accessories and can easily be worn with a solid color blazer or sweater.  If blazers and sweaters aren’t your thing, wear a patterned dress with a solid color shoe or a patterned blouse with a solid colored pant.  Make sure there is a solid somewhere on your body to balance out the pattern.  This will allow the patterned item to stand out and stand alone the right way.

If you like to be bold and aren’t afraid of a little attention, it’s also okay to wear prints on prints.  Be sure though that your color schemes match and stick to classic silhouettes for the louder prints. It’s important for color choices to make sense, the patterns necessarily, don’t have to.

Other than Southwestern prints, there are many other patterns that are quite popular this Fall.  Geometric patterns can easily be worn with florals.  Florals can also be paired with polka dots and large plaids.

When easing into prints  for you shy gals out there, ease in with subtle patterns or hints of patterns.  For instance, try a patterned scarf on a solid color block ensemble. A printed belt or a graphic handbag are also good choices.  Hints of patterns are okay too, head-to-toe patterns are not.   I know it sounds confusing but the key is to have fun with your prints and patterns and remember, if the colors make sense then wearing two or even three prints together is a-okay. Any and all prints are acceptable and if you follow the simple rules mentioned above, you’re golden.






Photo – Harper’s Bazaar




Shannon Lazovski 

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  1. Just like animal prints, start off slow by wearing a solid color outfit and a printed scarf, belt or shoe. When venturing out of your comfort zone be sure to wear a favorite piece you feel secure in with your new “out of the norm” piece. Thanks for your comments Christina!

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