Clothes Calendar App

We all know it can be quite embarrassing if we wear the same special outfit twice, especially when we get caught doing it. But now there is an app that can make those insecurities and our lack of remembering what we wore, go away with just a click of a button.  The Clothes Calendar App for IOS and Android was created for business people, celebrities, teachers, socialites and anyone else who needs to remember what they wore and when.

The app features a picture icon; where one can take a picture, write a description and save it to the calendar, an image icon; where one can upload an image, write a description and save it to the calendar, a calendar icon; where one can check his/her calendar for what they wore on a selected date, and a share icon to share the app through Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

The Clothing Calendar App is available for purchase for just $.99 during the month of November at the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

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