Recently, I became familiar with a cute new product fun for both mothers and daughters.  Hairbanglez are mom-made bracelets solving a serious beauty issue for women and girls: concealing that black hair tie on their wrists.

When we experience bad hair days or need to tame our little one’s wild mane, we tend to look for hair ties at the bottom of our purses only to find we used the last one, last week, at swimming lessons.   Putting hair up in a neat, sleek pony never goes out of style no matter what age. Hairbanglez gives every girl a fashionable way to make sure she always has a hair tie when in desperate need.

Mom and entrepreneur Karin Zanella created hairbanglez, giving you a chic way to carry your spare hair tie. Just slip the elastic over your hairbanglez bracelet and voila! You have fashion and necessity on your very own wrist!  Combine with different size bangles and wear two to three at a time to jazz t up!  The fact that it’s hiding your hair elastic is your little secret!

Each bracelet is made of glossy lucite plastic and has an indented groove designed to hold 1 elastic hair band. The bracelets are not just fun for mom (I prefer a black hair tie on the black lucite bracelet) but they are fun for little girls too! As soon as we received ours in the mail my daughter started adding different colored hair ties to each bracelet allowing her favorite colors to shine through.

Two bangle sizes are available: Skinny for $16 and Classic for $20. Both available at Below you will find Livia, age 9, wearing two skinny bracelets and one classic bracelet. Cute! Fun! Fashionable!

















Shannon Lazovski


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