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It seems these days my closet space is not as spacious as I would  like it to be.  Aside from the many clothes and coats that I have to find a place for, my shoes and handbags are a whole different story.  It seems both collections need their own closet.  Recently, I found a great company in Madison Heights, Michigan called The Shelving Store. The Shelving Store has lots of options when it comes to organization.  They offer everything from chrome shelving units to colorful lockers for the kids.  What The Shelving Store also carries that peaked my interest is shoe storage.  Through the years, I have tried many different ways to keep my shoe collection organized. I have tried keeping my shoes in their original shoe boxes, I have tried to keep them in plastic bins with their pictures on the face of the box and I’ve let them go solo on the shelves in the garage. All ideas work but just never seem to work for me.

The Shelving Store carries a product great for storing shoes called the Shoe Trap. Available in three finishes, these individual wood boxes come with glass doors and satin nickel finish knobs that allow you to store your favorite shoes and see them through the door at the same time.  I have two of these boxes and intend to purchase more since the wood finish matches my bedroom set.  These durable boxes are stackable and can be stacked on top of each other or be placed next to each other in the closet, in the bedroom or in any room of the house for that matter, to keep shoes organized. What I like most about the Shoe Trap boxes is they are not an eye sore like plastic bins or cardboard boxes, which is why I’m excited to add them to my master bedroom.

If you are looking for a great way to organize your shoes, we are offering a Shoe Trap Giveaway to anyone who is in need of storing their shoes safely and securely protecting them from dust and the environment.  Let’s face it, our shoes are important to us and  how we store them is important for the life of the shoe.

With help from The Shelving Store we are offering 2 Shoe Trap storage boxes in the finish of your choice! Just simply leave a comment below and explain why your shoes are important to you!


Giveaway Rules:

Leave a comment below and explain why your shoes are important to you.  There is no wrong answer. Your comment will automatically enter your name into the contest. Contest begins Sunday, Feb 26, 2012 and ends on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at midnight. One lucky winner will win 2 free Shoe Trap storage boxes in the finish of their choice.  The winner will be randomly chosen through and will be announced Sunday, March 4, 2012 before noon.  Be sure to leave your email address when leaving your comment so we may contact you if you shall win.





















Shannon Lazovski

Shannon Lazovski is the CEO of Glamorous Moms LLC, editor and owner of,, is a MichMoms blogger for the Detroit News and is the founder of Detroit Mom Bloggers; a mom blogger network in the Metro Detroit area. She is a blogger, fashion/beauty/image consultant and a social media community manager. She loves to collect jewelry, handbags and heels (typically the higher the better) and cannot get enough when it comes to the subjects of beauty and fashion.


Disclosure: The Shelving Store is providing two Shoe Trap storage boxes for this giveaway. Tweets and blogs containing opinions and texts on this subject are and will be my very own. I received two Shoe Trap storage boxes for my own personal use as compensation for this post, related tweets and Facebook entries.

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  1. Kathy E

    My shoes are sooo important because I am on my feet at work for 12 hours. If my shoes aren’t good…I’m not good eyreka1 at

  2. Elena V

    Without proper support, my arches and my feet hurt even after a few minutes of wearing improperly fitting shoes.
    Therefore, when I find a good pair, I take care of it so it can serve me longer and look its best.

  3. My shoes are important to me because they are my favorite accessory! Shoes can take an already fabulous outfit, or a conservative and safe one, to a whole different level.

  4. Nell

    My shoes (heels) are important because I am REALLY tall. I am 5’1 and without heels I would be like a complete dwarf.. Haha! 🙂

  5. Nell

    Oh I just wrote tall? I meant to say short… lol.

  6. Alicia Pearlman

    Shoes really tie the whole outfit together. A good pair of shoes can make an outfit.

  7. Shannon Lazovski

    Congratulations Nikki Little! Nikki’s name was randomly chosen by and has won two FREE Shoe Trap storage boxes for her favorite shoes! Congratulations Nikki and thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway!

  8. Richard

    You always give such great and useful info. I’m a big fan! I always look forward to reading your blog, keep up the great work.

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