Nature Prints

The best thing about Spring is the warmer temperatures, the birds chirping and the budding of new flowers and trees.  Now we can enjoy the signs of the warmer months on our clothing with nature prints.  Many nature prints out in stores today represent the jungle, floral gardens, forests and colorful landscapes, all beautiful both on land and on the body.

When wearing  your favorite nature print, be sure to follow these simple rules below to look like nature’s on your side.

  • Make sure the fabric is light, airy and free from the body making sure it’s not too tight.
  • Keep jewelry at a minimum.  With a busy or large nature print, there’s no need to try to make a statement with a big necklace or over sized earrings.
  • Keep hair tamed.  Less is best when speaking hair while wearing a loud nature print.
  • Wear shoes that fit the theme.  Choose a great shoe that either matches in color, has a platform wood heel or both.

Many nature prints come in bright colors such as green, yellow and orange which are three colors that look great on almost everybody and tend to brighten your mood instantly!


Photo – R&K Originals Belted Sundress, $40,






Shannon Lazovski

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