The Rauwolf Clutch Collection

By using plexiglass and mirrors to make geometric-shaped clutches, Kristine Johannes sure has set the standards high for her competitors. Her creations are pieces of art, obviously made of unusual materials, yet are unique enough to make heads turn. Plexiglass isn’t usually used for fashion or fashion accessories for that matter but it is quite versatile and easy to use.  Plexiglass can be cut and molded into fun architectural shapes and Johannes has perfected the ability to cut and mold this material  and proves it within her collection which was recently launched for Spring ’12.

Johannes has an extensive background and has worked with J. Crew, John Anthony and Devi Kroell.  Her designs have been seen on the cover of WWD and celebrities are starting to catch on to her one-of-a-kind pieces.  Johannes’ keen eye and previous experience has helped her create a magical collection, I’m certain you are going to absolutely love.

Currently only sold at, the unique and luxurious collection ranges in price from $1,300 to $2,200 and is sure to end up in the hands of our favorite red-carpet divas very soon!


Photo – Rauwolf




Shannon Lazovski

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