Neon and Leather

The 80’s was a time where neon “everything” was acceptable. In terms of clothing and accessories; finger-less gloves, off the shoulder tops, pretty anklets and over-sized neon earrings were worn by most women in the 80’s.  Looking back, what’s funny is, most of them wore it all at once.  It seems people couldn’t get enough of the blinding colors. To many, it was fun, to some, it was annoying. Then, after a while, everyone was happy to see it go. But guess what, I’m going to encourage you to like it again. The vibrant colors from the “Like a Virgin” days are back and we are liking them all over again and you are going to like them too! Trust me. Wearing neon used to be a trend that had you looking like you shopped in your nine-year old’s closet. But now…there are ways to incorporate neon into your wardrobe that’s age appropriate with sophistication.  Dressing in neon from head to toe certainly got everyone’s attention, but we, by no means, want that kind of attention again.

Wearing neon now can be done with sophistication. Believe it or not, there are subtle ways to incorporate neon into your every day attire without it looking like you’ve tried too hard. One item or two is acceptable and color blocking with neon solids with neutral colors is a classy way to bring in the brights. Pair any neon piece with leather (which is always hot) and be sure to stick to classic styles and you’ve got yourself a rockin’ outfit.

Neon & Leather

Theory wool sweater
$265 –

Chloé leather skirt
$2,865 –

3.1 Phillip Lim peep toe booties
€400 –

Jas MB foldover clutch
$395 –

Givenchy necklace
$2,380 –




Shannon Lazovski

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