How To Do an At Home Skin Peel

From sun spots to fine lines and acne scars, there’s hardly a skin concern a good skin peel can’t help diminish. If you want to learn how to do a skin peel at home, here’s a few facts you need to know.

  1. Change your skin routine- If you use products containing any form of retinol or alpha hydroxy acids including glycolic, lactic and citric acids, discontinue two days before the peel and do not return to using them at least a few days after the peel.  It’s crucial to stay away from these ingredients so your skin doesn’t turn parched and irritated.
  2. Plan to do your peel at night- It’s important to keep your skin clear of makeup and sun exposure immediately afterwards.  Applying a peel before bedtime will allow your body to self-heal. During the night, our body’s natural healing cycle kicks in and the skin will rejuvenate itself while you sleep.
  3. Gently hydrate after the peel. A light and soothing moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or ceramides is best after your treatment.  Make sure you avoid exfoliators and moisturizers including retinol.

Since peels remove the surface cell layers of your skin, you will be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays for quite some time after the peel. It’s best to give yourself at least one week, post peel, to stay out of the sun completely.  Wear a daily SPF level of 30-50 for protection and a sun hat to give yourself full protection.






Shannon Lazovski

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