Hot Trends on the Streets at New York Fashion Week

On the Streets at New York Fashion Week 2012
New York Fashion Week is in full swing and the models aren’t the only ones that look amazing.  Of course the celebs look great as well (big surprise)  but the PR professionals, magazine editors, boutique owners and bloggers are the ones I think should make the headlines.  Not to take away from the ultra fab runway designs, but seriously have you noticed what the members of the crowd look like?  Many of them are wearing memorable trends that are perfect for you and I, and I aim to start practicing a few of these fashionable habits on my own.  Want to try them with me?
  • Cat Eye Sunglasses – Oh so retro and uniquely shaped to make a statement, let the feline inside out to play with these fun and trendy sunglasses!
  • Leather Jacket – Leather jackets go with everything. They look great no matter what age or body type and always top your outfit with style. Plain and simple.
  • Braids – Back to back fashion shows and long days mean an easy hairstyle is needed… We’ve been seeing a lot of hair down with tousled waves which is always hot but we are also seeing a lot of braids too, on and off the runways! Perfect for the days that you don’t have time to wash your hair but love to make a statement with it at the same time.  Fish tails and messy braids are super cute and if they are good enough for New York Fashion Week, they’re good enough for us too!
  • Smoking Slippers – You don’t have to smoke to wear smoking slippers.  This luxury loafer is absolutely to-die-for chic. Don’t believe us, look up chic in the dictionary, you just might see a picture of the prettiest smoking slippers who have ever seen!  Ok maybe not, but you will see them in the audience at your favorite shows at New York Fashion Week.  If you ask me, I’m super impressed that all the diva-like fashionistas at the shows aren’t afraid to be comfortable too!   Comfortable is always trending.
  • Stacking Bracelets – A mix of high-end and low-end stacking bracelets is fun and it has been a known trend for a few months now.  Wear your favorite colored bracelets in hues that compliment each other or your wardrobe or not, it really doesn’t matter. There are zero rules when it comes to stacking on your favorite wrist rings… Just make sure you have fun with it and they are a comfortable fit.
  • Statement Handbag – We all love a great handbag and at New York Fashion Week the bags are trying to steal the show.  Lots of reds are being seen not to mention lucite, yes lucite, patent leather and sequins.  Um.  Again, they are trying to steal the show.  Maybe you should get a fabulous statement bag too and join in on the fun!
  • Navy – The color navy has always been known as a fall color, but many are saying this year that navy is the new neutral.  It’s no surprise, navy goes with EVERY other color and it’s dark enough of a color to give a slimming effect as well.  In my opinion, it’s a win win.









Shannon Lazovski is a social media maven.  She is the CEO of  her own business, SoGlam Media, editor of,, is a MichMoms blogger for the Detroit News and is the founder of Detroit Mom Bloggers; a mom blogger network in the Metro Detroit area.  Shannon is also the Fashion & Beauty Expert for the Village of Rochester Hills.  She is a blogger, fashion/beauty/image consultant and a social media manager. She loves to collect jewelry, handbags and heels (typically the higher the better) and cannot get enough when it comes to the subjects of beauty & fashion.

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  1. I love that leather jacket. I am still on the look out for a great one!

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