Cosmetique Laudun Product Review

Over the last couple of years, I have been noticing a serious change in my skin.  My face, jawbone and neck have been very sensitive to skincare and hair care products.  Red burning skin and unwanted breakouts  have been flaring up more than any other time in my life and I have realized my skin is trying to tell me something.

Mainly, my hair products have played a huge role in my discomfort.  I am actually still trying to figure out what it is about my hair products that my skin doesn’t seem to like.  Figuring this problem out is mostly trial and error and simply trying different products and waiting for a reaction is the extent of my investigation.  I’m still working on the hair products but I have figured out which skincare products do work for me.

I can honestly say Cosmetique Laudun products do work well for my skin.  Recently, I was sent a package of samples from the organic, Made in the USA, skin care company. I tested them for two weeks and found good results.

Laudun organic skin care products are made without preservatives and harsh chemicals to ensure that they are 100% natural.  I noticed the “Mitsy” Day & Night Moisturizer went on quite smooth and was easy to apply evenly. After having so many problems with my skin, I was hesitant at first to try the product,  but I’m glad I did.  Using the “Mitsey” product at night before I go to sleep (I like to lather it on at night for a healthy glow in the morning) was a great idea and my skin felt soft and supple in the morning instead of feeling dry and looking glum. During the two weeks of testing this product, I had no skin troubles at all and loved the way my skin was starting to feel. Because my skin is sensitive though and because I do wear make up everyday, I felt the “Mitsey” moisturizer wasn’t a good choice for me during the day.   After applying it and applying foundation and make up, I felt that I had too much coverage leaving my skin feeling cakey.   My skin didn’t need the same formula during the day after a good evening application.  Because this is a formula for day and night, I choose it for my nighttime regimen only. I also tried the Body Milk Moist product from neck to toe and found it to be my favorite product out of the two.  It smells divine and makes my skin feel silky smooth.
I’m certain the “all natural” products are a better choice for me and my skin.  Cosmetiques Laudun products contain natural emollients to strip away the layers of dead cells unveiling ones natural beauty. Their products are also Paraben free, free of dyes and not tested on animals.
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