Strange Items that are Believed to Cause Cancer? Believe it or Not.

After losing the lives of our loved ones and watching others struggle throughout the decades, it’s hard not to try to pinpoint the real reason for Cancer and search for answers we so rightfully deserve.  How on Earth can so many suffer and die yet we STILL cannot do anything about it?  God knows many are trying and hopefully sooner than later a cure for Cancer will be found.  But until then, we’ll have to wait, continue fighting and refrain from believing all of the silly myths out there.  After doing a little research, we decided to list a few cancer causing myths and the reasons behind them. Hopefully this will help ease your mind a bit.


Explanation: Since the 70’s, scientific studies have tied mouthwash that contains ethanol to oral cancer. Some theorize that it may make oral tissues more vulnerable to known carcinogens, such as those found in cigarettes (AKA Cancer Sticks).


Artificial Sweeteners

Explanation:  When scientific labs suggested that the sweetener cyclamate caused bladder cancer in test rats, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned its use. Afterwards, saccharin was also shown to cause tumors in rats. As we all know, saccharin has  never been banned.  If you use saccharin, you’ll notice each package carries a cancer warning.  No evidence has proved that that cyclamate or saccharin has caused cancer in humans.  Even the National Cancer Institute has said so.  Saccharin has actually been taken off the government’s list of possible carcinogens back in 2000. Now because sweetners are on the radar, aspartame has come under suspicion and is talked about by many, but scientists have found no proven risk that it causes cancer in humans either.


Explanation: It has been said that aluminum in all antiperspirants (otherwise known as parabens) mimic the hormone estrogen and can increase a woman’s breast cancer risk. Yet, even though this is the rumor that is often talked about, there is no evidence that antiperspirants or deodorants that carry parabens cause cancer.

Hair Dye

Explanation: A pattern of bladder cancer in male hairdressers and barbers back in 2008 led to the concern that hair dye could cause cancer.  Researchers from the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) were not able to find enough evidence to prove this to be true.


Cell Phones

The link: A sad husband back in 1993, sued the manufacturer of his wife’s cell phone claiming  the device was responsible for her brain cancer. Once this allegation was released to the public and news reporters got a hold of the story; a public outcry and a rash of similar lawsuits began to surface. But, in 2010, a study was done trying to connect cell phones and brain cancer and it could neither confirm nor dismiss a connection.




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