How to Do the Perfect Manicure at Home

Having glamorous nails is a must in my book. Now whether you like long nails or short nails, that’s really up to you, but well manicured nails can go a long way. Making sure your nails are taken are of says a lot about you. Presenting yourself as well polished (no pun intended) shows others that you are self-confident, have positive self-worth and are a strong contender in paying attention to details. There’s also just something about having “pretty hands” that make you feel good too.  Am I right?!

Check out my video below on “How to Do a Perfect Manicure at Home“. Follow the instructions and perform a manicure of your own. If you’re a little rusty, keep practicing, your manicure will be perfect in no time. If you’re new to giving yourself a manicure, start with light colors and work your way into deep reds and other rich hues. Mistakes aren’t as obvious on the lighter shades and you can go longer in between polishes.



Shannon_Lippitt_thumbnail2Shannon Lazovski

Shannon Lazovski is the founder of The Lazov Agency, editor and owner of and, is a Board of Directors Member for Fashion Group International, Inc. – Detroit and the Director of Business Development for Worth New York. She is a mom, blogger, a brand & image consultant for both professionals and small businesses and a social media strategist who has a natural love for the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

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