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Months ago, many swimsuit options filled the stores in preparation for Spring/Summer shoppers.  Back then here in Michigan, we were still wearing faux fur jackets and boots.  We weren’t even thinking about swimming in swimsuits.  But now, the seasons have changed and it’s time to get serious about what we are going to wear to the pool. Many moms hate shopping for suits, some love it.  Which category do you fall in?  Which type of suit do you prefer to wear?


One Piece



Slimming Halter One Piece in plum gorgeous, venus.com, $62.00

A one piece is great for hiding tummy bulge and love handles.  Especially if the suit is made with a spandex blend to flatten the tummy.  Many moms lean towards the one piece after childbirth, but fit moms that have older children love to wear one pieces too! A stylish one piece can be suitable for anyone, especially when they have belts at the waist, embellishments or unique cut outs that leave just enough for the imagination.





Ikat Ring Tankini, saksfiftheavenue.com, $101.50

A tankini is also another choice.  For me specifically, a tankini covered everything except the loose part of my mommy tummy which always seemed to sneak out in between the fabric of the top and the fabric of the bottoms.  Not exactly perfect for my body type. But for some, the tankini is the perfect choice for their body type.  Mommies who are tall and lean with a flat belly seem to be the most flattered by tankinis.



High Waisted


Two Piece Color Block Bandeau Swimsuit, saksfifthavenue.com, $664.00

This one’s for the skinny girls, the curvy girls and the modest girls all wrapped up into one suit.  The high-waisted look always looks great with a pair of espadrilles and hot sunglasses.   Mommies love it because it hides that little bump they still have left after childbirth and fashionistas love it because it makes them feel like they’re living in another era.

Bra Top


 The Aleeza, Moraddalue.com, $85 for the top and $75 for the bottoms

Um….if you’re feeling sexy, the bra top is the way to go.  It’s cute, flirtatious and it pops the girls right back up where they belong.  I’ve always loved the bra top because it gives me the oomph I need and the cleavage I deserve.  When you’ve still got it ladies,  there comes a time when you must own it.

String Bikini


PilyQ  String Bikini, shopbop.com, $80 for the top, $75 for the bottoms.

Now there’s no hiding behind this little bikini.  A string bikini is still worn by girls who are in great shape and by women who…well, are in great shape too.  It takes a lot of confidence to wear a little string bikini such as this one and if you have that confidence, I say go for it.  Just one little piece of advice; make sure there is a liner in your suit.  Tiny is ok if your figure calls for it, tiny and see through isn’t.  Plain and simple.

Shannon_Lippitt_thumbnail2Shannon Lazovski
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