Does Sugar Cause ADHD?

9285558.cmsCountless theories exist among parents and non-parents about what causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in young children. We’ve heard others blame environmental factors, video games, parenting and excessive sugar intake.  Many of these seem ridiculous but it’s a subject parents take seriously and finding the cause is like grasping at straws to many. Some have even claimed ADHD is caused by  genetics or the product of factors while in the womb. We’ll touch on this subject many more times but for now, let’s touch on the sugar blame.

Even though many people might think sugar is to blame, the National Institute of Mental Health has recently reported that they have conducted studies on this very topic and have not found a link between ADHD and sugar. Some doctors prescribe Risperdal to kids with ADHD. But there are many child side effects from risperdal.

What do think causes ADHD and have you heard of ridiculous blames out there? What have you heard and why do you think some are quick to believe they have the answer?







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