Babies Step Out In High Heels

starlet collageAs a modeling and personal development instructor, Glamorous Mom’s editor Shannon Lazovski teaches  young adults at the International Performing Arts Academy how to walk in high-heels for their next big runway show. There is a young starlet in Hollywood who might soon be able to chime in with her two-cents. But Shannon is careful with her heel advice when it comes to age appropriate shoes.
“I encourage my girls to walk the runway in age appropriate shoes.  As long as they are comfortable and the shoe matches their outfit I’m okay with them wearing flats.  In fact, for my younger students, I frown upon them wearing high heels,” says Shannon Lazovski.
Earlier this week, a photo of Beyonce wearing a pair of her daughter’s custom-made, hot pink strappy heels from designer Tom Ford.
How exactly does an 18-month-old strut her stuff in these satin shoes?
Blue Ivy, the daughter of not only Beyonce by music giant Jay Z, apparently has quite the shoe collection already, but glamorous accessories are just the nature of her lifestyle.
From a jewel emblazoned crown to a chair fit for a princess of music royalty, Blue Ivy takes glamour for toddlers to a new level. She isn’t the only starlet to get a little lift from her shoes.
Two years ago, Suri Cruise made headlines for her golden high-heels that she wore while visiting her Daddy Tom Cruise on the set of a movie in Spain.
In my case, my five-year-old wants to wear shoes with heels, but I keep envisioning broken ankles as she runs down the driveway or across the courtyard at our church. I don’t see many of her kindergarten classmates sporting anything but flats either.
Is it just me or is this pushing little girls into high-heels and women’s wear too early? How young is too young for for strappy, hot pink heels?
The fabulous lives of Hollywood preschoolers: (Left) Suri Cruise first donned heels at the age of three. (Bottom right) Eighteen-month-old Blue Ivy Carter received hot pink high-heels from designer Tom Ford, as modeled by her mother, Beyonce. (Middle right) Blue Ivy Carter has accessories any adult, let alone preschooler, would envy, including a jeweled crown and a personalized chair (upper right) for her mom’s world tour.



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