How to Create a Long Lasting Blowout


As busy moms it’s hard for us to make it to the salon for just a simple blow out.  For some, finding the time, finding a sitter, and finding the time (yes I already said that but if you’re a mom, you know why I had to repeat myself) then actually getting away from the house can be quite challenging. If you’re one of those moms that just can’t get away, wouldn’t it be nice to do your own blow out and have it last a good three days?  Well now you can.  Follow these steps to create a great blow out all on your own in your very own bathroom.


First, be sure to wash and condition your hair.  Next, apply a heat protective anti-frizz serum and then comb it through. Next you’ll want to blow dry hair in sections. Dry each section with a roll brush by pulling hair straight from underneath the section while aiming air from the blow dryer downward onto hair. During the blow dry, pull hair up away from the root and roll ends with the warm air and round brush to add volume and sleek ends.


Each day after the original your blow dry, refrain from adding more anti-frizz serum.  You don’t want hair to be too greasy.  Refresh hair with a quick blow dry blowing hair from side to side. If your roots start to look and feel a bit greasy from your scalp’s natural oils, apply a dry shampoo at the roots.  The dry shampoo will soak up natural oils and add volume to your hair. Dry shampoo will also give you an extra day or two before you have to wash your hair again, giving you a longer lasting blow out.


Photo – this is a picture of me two days after I blew out my hair, dry shampoo is my favorite beauty secret.







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