Bold Brows Are In

Eyebrows making more of a statement these days.  Not sure if you have noticed but now that we’ve mentioned it, they’ll probably start jumping out of magazine pages at you!  The NPD Group recently reported, in the last 12 months with the ending month of March, eyebrow makeup was the fastest-growing category of eye makeup over all.  Sales were surprisingly up 28 percent. It‘‍s responsible for about $122 million in sales and represents about 11 percent of noted eye makeup purchases in the U.S.

For years we have seen the many stages of eyebrow trends.  We’ve seen “bushy and thick”, we’ve seen “drawn on” but we are currently seeing “nice and full” when it comes to brows.  Many attribute it to the “Cara Effect,”.  Who’s Cara?  She’s none other than supermodel Cara Delevingne whose own bushy brows have reminded us why we love full brows so much!  Because more women have to tame their brows rather than try to grow them out, more and more women are accepting the trend and unleashing their inner supermodel by accepting their fuller brows and buying the makeup and tools to shape them and accentuate them. We’ve also heard rumor that the growth in brow transplant procedures has grown.

How do you embrace a fuller brow?  Follow these steps:

Shape: Makeup works best on eyebrows with minimal hair that are shaped well. If you have enough hair from beginning to end of the brow, make up is not necessary but shaping and taming is. Just make sure you think twice before you tweeze. Over-tweezing isn’t very attractive and it’s a common mistake. And yes, we tweeze our brows we do not pluck.  Chickens get plucked! If you over-tweeze, your hair may not grow back in those areas.  Be sure to work with a brow specialist insead of taking matters into your own hands.

To Start Off:  Try a brow powder or eye shadow the same color of your natural brow.  Use an angled eyebrow brush (try brush #208 by Mac) to apply the product in short strokes. This will provide a softer look than using a brow pencil and will not give you the “drawn on”  look.

Be YOUR own Supermodel: You might crave the “Cara Effect,” but brows like hers might not be best for you. They may also not be realistic for your type of hair and the way your brows grow.  Brow shape and color should look very natural. Accentuate your natural brow.  Don’t over think it or over color.  Remember, brows help frame your beautiful face, they aren’t your main facial feature.



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