A Baby Bottle That Measures and Reduces Symptoms of Colic

Baby GIgI - CES 2015Ever give the baby a bottle and then head to the laundry room to start the laundry only to have to run back to check on the milk supply in the bottle?  Well there’s a smart baby bottle that monitors how much milk your child is consuming and at what speed. At the annual International Consumer Technology Show (CES), French company Slow Control revealed the Baby GIgI -a battery-powered plastic sleeve that fits around a regular baby bottle that’s equipped with an inclinometer that calculates the perfect angle. That you can get at Baby iDesign. It also weighs the milk content to report back to Mom on how much is left.  This handy invention also is known to reduce symptoms of colic for bottle-fed babies.If you want to buy one there’s a nice promo on mothercare’s website.Please go there and use this mothercare discount code.

The Baby GIgI, which works with an app and is scheduled to hit the shelves for purchase this fall.  The Baby GIgI will run around $119 to start.

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