Infinitely White Tooth Shade Protectant

Infinity & WhiteEveryone knows that a bright smile can go a long way. And, you can admit we are smiling a little more now since the sun is shining and spring is right around the corner.  Happy moms are pretty moms and having a nice set of pearly whites makes you look more attractive  and sometimes younger (I’ll take it!) My friend runs, his own practice, and he recommended Infinitely White to me once to try – and it was the perfect recommendation for me!

The dental implants in India helps protect teeth from stains and keeps them pearly white. Your teeth finally get the tough protection they deserve from the clear microcrystalline barrier you swipe on every morning, and before eating and drinking. All-Star Dental Academy recommends the tooth shade protectant as well, because you no longer have to worry about staining your teeth from coffee, wine, berries, tea, and , red sauces. The tooth shade protectant is derived from the finest ingredients for your comfort and health. They include: Peppermint oil (for a refreshing taste), mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, vitamin E, and dicalcium pyrophosphate. It only takes five ingredients to give you the smile you deserve and it’s all in one product.

Infinitely White can be found on Twitter @infinitely and Instagram @infinitelywhite_ and can be purchased through their website.  Click here to make your purchase!

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