Use Conditioner to Make Hair Gorgeous

Argan Oil ConditionerAlmost everything we do to our hair can and usually does dry it out. Blow drying hair, straightening hair, over washing hair and color treating our hair are the main culprits. If your hair is too dry, you may want to slow down the washing and replace the shampoo step at least once a week with just conditioner. Many shampoos are known to strip hair of all products but can also strip the hair’s moisture. Using conditioner instead of shampoo during very dry times can help hair retain moisture leaving it softer, shinier and easier to comb through.  Just be sure to only replace your shampoo with conditioner once a week.  Build up on the hair can leave hair smelling and feeling dirty not to mention making it less manageable than one might desire, this product with help like if you were going to a hairdresser for a different hair style.  Washing out the build up is key but doing so without over drying the hair is the main point here. Try it and let us know what you think!


Photo – Argan Oil of Morocco conditioner, $7.99, available at Rite Aid


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