How to Create the Perfect Ponytail

Ponytail-Haircuts-For-WomenThe temps are warming up and when going out, you just might want to put your hair up to stay cool.  Sporting a pony isn’t just for the gym.  You can look fab in your best Friday night digs, wear a pony the right way and own that room like JLo.  Here’s how!

1. Blow Dry with Purpose
For a super sleek modelesque ponytail (with no bumps or fly aways), blow dry your hair with a boar hair brush in the direction you want the hair to lay when polling it back. Blow dry hair from the root (make sure brush is round) and smooth out hair section by section.

2. Lean Head Back
When pulling hair into a ponytail, lean your head back slightly so all of your hair goes in the same direction. Once you grab ahold of your hair, use your boar hair brush to smooth out strands and blend them together.

3. Use the Right Type of Elastic
When you secure a ponytail with a thin pieces of elastic, the hair loses tension over time and it won’t hold.  To keep the hair in place, use a thicker elastic the same color as your hair, with no metal (metal tears the hair),  and twist the elastic a minimum of three times.  The third time usually secures hair in place and keeps the hold nice and tight.

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