Celebrating with Ruffino

Ruffino Prosecco

RuffinoSince our July 4th festivities, Ruffino has become an important member of our family all Summer.  Specifically the Ruffino Prosecco and the Moscato d’Asti.  Two wonderful drinks that are a nice addition to any special occasion.

Typically if a day celebration calls for  special drink or during an evening event where I’m not feeling a deep red, my drink of choice is almost always Prosecco with muddled strawberries. There’s just something about bubbles in motion in a long stem champagne glass.  And the strawberries?  They add color, sweetness and a special touch for those of us that deserve a little something more. Ruffino has a special flavor all in its own that just makes you enjoy every sip without an over dry mouth that other sparkling white wines can give you or a heavy, full feeling a glass of beer will give you (which is a drink I’ve never enjoyed anyway). Ruffino Prosecco is fruity with clean notes of citrus, pears and apples with slight hints of hawthorn, wisteria and elder. Since I love just about every chicken dish known to man, Ruffino Prosecco is a great addition to my meals and is known to go very well with white meat dishes. It’s also a great choice for pizza night or a wonderful fish or shellfish dinner.

Ruffino ProseccoIf Prosecco isn’t on the menu, a nice glass of Ruffino Moscato d’Asti will do just fine. It’s even more divine as an after
dinner drink (this is my secret to replacing dessert).  And, these are my two “go to” drinks when I get a little me time.
Ruffino was created back in 1877 by two cousins Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino. They established a small winery in the town of Pontassieve near Florence, where the region had a centuries-old tradition of growing exceptional wine grapes.

Throughout the years, the reputation of Ruffino wines continued to spread in a positive direction and Ruffino soon began to export its wines to the United States.  Did you know the first Chianti imported by the United States was Ruffino’s Chianti?  Just a little piece of Ruffino history I bet you didn’t know.  After 85 years, Ruffino is still creating perfection and I will always support perfection. What’s a glamorous life without perfection? 😉

Ruffino ProseccoIf you would like to purchase a Ruffino product such as the Prosecco or the Moscato d’Asti, click here.  The Ruffino website will be able to direct you to a retailer near you.  If you don’t mind now, we’ve got chicken on the grill for our Labor Day family gathering. Oh and a glass of Ruffino Prosecco is waiting for me…..




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