The Answer to Safe and Toxin Free Skincare

Beauty Counter

The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar empire.  What most people don’t realize is that this empire most often uses toxic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruption.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has little to no jurisdiction over the cosmetic industry and companies are allowed to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful to human health.  The European Union has banned over 1,300 ingredients due to their harmful effects on human health and in the U.S. we have only ban 11 (crazy I know!).  As cancer, infertility and childhood diseases are on the rise it is imperative for us to examine the causes and find ways to eliminate these chemicals from our homes.

I began searching for safer products for myself and my family (which includes two lovely daughters ages 13 and 15) in 2014.  That search lead me to Beautycounter.  Beautycounter not only has the most stringent testing processes but they also have a comprehensive “Never List” of over 1,500 ingredients they will never use due to their known links to human health issues.  As a bonus all of their products are made in the USA (with the exception of the color cosmetics which are formulated in Italy for health and safety reasons).  Our skin is our largest organ and everything we put on it enters our bloodstream within 60 seconds.

Initially attracted to Beautycounter by the companies mission to help educate the public and get safe products into the hands of everyone, once I had a chance to test the products for myself I was head over heels in love.  Not only are their products safe but they are also luxurious and high performing. So many times it seems I was sacrificing safety for performance or vice versa and I finally found the best of both worlds.

Beautycounter offers a full line of skincare, cosmetics and personal care products including a children’s line and the newly launched baby line. To learn more and to find the perfect, luxurious and high performing Beautycounter product for you, click here.


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