You ARE a Glamorous Mom

Shannon Lazovski #ootdWhen I’m out and about (especially during the school year) another beautiful mom usually compliments me and likes either my heels or my outfit and graces me a few sweet words to let me know she loves my outfit.  I’m not perfect, but I do try to leave the house looking like myself and that’s usually done up with great hair, make up and shoes to remember. I do like leaving the house feeling beautiful and confident, if you know me, then you know it’s kind of my norm.  It certainly does help me conquer the day.  My rule is unless I’m heading to the gym or working out from home, I usually get ready only once.  Typically on a busy day, I may have to run a child to an appointment or practice, pick both kids up in the car line, take on three Skype conference calls in the afternoon and then show up for an in person meeting with a new client. That might just be a normal Thursday and when this type of day occurs I need to have my game face and my game outfit on.

Being a working mom is about conquering it all. Being a Glamorous Mom is about conquering it all and feeling great about yourself at the same time. In my opinion, EVERY MOM can be a Glamorous Mom….you just have to make sure you make the right choices for YOU to get you there.  So what do I say to the moms that give me compliments?  I always say thank you and throw a compliment back. Why?  Because whatever I compliment her on is by all means the truth and she’s already a Glamorous Mom in her own right whether she’s feeing glamorous or not.

Do you like heels?  How about embellished flats? Maybe hats is your thing or fun and colorful handbags.  Whatever it is, throw on something that makes you feel beautiful when you get ready in the morning and go out there and conquer the day like a true Glamorous Mom.  You got this!


Photo: Dropping my son off at Summer camp wearing BCBG Generation blue dress with pockets (God’s gift in a dress), Jessica Simpson cork sling back heels and Ray-Ban sunglasses.



About Shannon Lazovski

Shannon is one of Detroit’s top social media influencers, a fashion leader and a beauty buff who exudes professionalism and knowledge on all three subjects. She is the CEO of The Lazov Agency and the owner of & She loves to promote products and brands she adores and is eager to let all the women out there know, when making the right choices; beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Shannon has been awarded the Elite 40 under 40 award and has been featured on Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Channel 4, Styleline Magazine and Metro Parent Magazine. When you meet her, ask her about her handbag and shoe collection!

2 thoughts on “You ARE a Glamorous Mom

  1. Shannon…just checking out your blog…we really do have a lot in common. I’m definitely that mom that usually leaves the house in full makeup and heels. I feel much better about myself that way. I can chase after my kids just as well in a pair of Jessica Simpson wedges…lol! I need to post some “day in the life” pictures on Instagram with me taking care of my 5, 3, and 1 yr old while getting ready for auditions, video shoots, etc…mascara wand in one hand and high heel in the air blocking a child from putting their hand in the toilet.

  2. Nicole, not only do you sound like a Glamorous Mom, but Super Mom at that! I love that you always leave the house in heels and full makeup. So do I! I just can’t leave the house any other way. Glad to see we have so much in common. Thanks for your nice comment…love the blog! Looking forward to staying connected!

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