Detoxify your Skin with Charcoal

BeautyCounter by Jill SorensonThe end of the Summer is always so bittersweet.   Saying goodbye to fun in the sun and endless summer days and hello to packing lunches and homework is always tough.  Although I am sure most of us wish at times that summer could last forever, at the end of the day we could also agree that it is nice to have a change of pace and be back on a schedule.

One thing that may (or may not) get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of preparing for another school year, is some good ole skin therapy after long days in the sun and pore-clogging sunscreens.  What better time to pamper yourself and your skin then after you’ve successfully sent your sweet children off to school for the day.  Do it alone or with a few friends, which ever you prefer.

My go-to product this fall is Beautycounter’s Purifying Charcoal Mask.  It is a mineral-rich mix of kaolin clay and charcoal and works to gently exfoliate, draw out impurities, and soothe. The formula helps improve skin’s overall condition by refining the appearance of pores and increasing elasticity. Offers a purifying treatment for congested skin and a 10-minute spa-grade facial. For the deepest clean, I always prep my skin with Charcoal Cleansing Bar.

After cleansing my face with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar, I apply the mask and sit back and relax for about ten minutes (while listening to spa music on Pandora – I seriously close my eyes and pretend I am at some posh spa on a tropical island).  After ten minutes I spritz a bit of Rosewater Spray over the mask to re-activate the charcoal and chill for about ten more minutes. Once I am done I rinse with clean water, add some Lustro Oil 2 and my skin feels clean, clear and soft (as a baby’s bottom!). My pores are noticeably  minimized too!

I’d love to hear how you rejuvenate your skin at the change of seasons. Please tell me below in the comment section. Thanks!

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