Best Cuticle Oil Winter 2016

It’s here. Dry cuticle season. It seems to happen overnight doesn’t it? I’m over the supermoon to have found a cuticle oil that has drastically improved my cuticles, RescueRXx cuticle oil by CND.

So of course, I’m giddily typing away, happy to share the love with my fellow Glamorous Moms.  The planets have aligned, CND “nailed it”  with both reasonable price and quality. RescueRXx is a daily Keratin protein and Jojoba oil nail and cuticle treatment, and comes in both 0.125 fl oz and 0.5 fl oz sizes. I am loving the 0.125 fl oz size, it fits perfectly in the center council of my car along with my other must-haves.  I’m a daily user, and have seen not only instant, but lasting healing vs simply masking the symptoms of dry, peeling cuticles.


Best Cuticle Oil Before CND

My nails before using Rescue RXx cuticle oil by CND

Cuticles after CND

My nails after using RescueRXx cuticle oil by CND

RescueRXx cuticle oil by CND

I feel a boost of joy and empowerment when my hands, cuticles and nails are looking beautiful, don’t you? As we are moving through our busy days, feeling strong and beautiful inside and out is paramount! Have you tried this cuticle oil RescueRXx by CND? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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  1. I hate to see an expensive manicure with ruined cuticles. Cuticle oil is excellent product for dealing with this problem. And, of course, you’ll need a lot of patience in order to avoid damaging nails

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