Feeling Stylish and Appropriate in our Forties

Celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday Country Club style. // Who doesn’t love blush & gold? // Dress H&M // Shoes Michael Kors //Statement Rings The Spoiled Girl, H&M // Clutch Louis Vuitton.

I’m a sucker for anything blush, gold or skin toned.


This past weekend I attended a 40th birthday party for a beautiful friend. The night consisted of drinks hors d’hoeuvres and fun mingling in a group of about forty people at a small local country club.

When we arrived, I complimented her red dress which was darling in my eyes and perfect for a blonde birthday girl. After the complimented she laughed and said, “I didn’t know what to wear, is this appropriate?” I said,”Of course it is! Do you feel beautiful? If yes, then it’s appropriate”. She smiled and thanked me and we shared a warm hug with love and comfort. Right there. That’s what women need to feel with each other. All the time.

It was funny because I always know what to wear and always have something to wear with the collection of clothing I have in my closet but for this night, I wasn’t sure what to wear either! Her dress was fiery red, tight and just above the knee. It was a one shoulder number where one shoulder was bare and sun-kissed and the other dressed in two high standing ruffles that almost reached her ear. It was appropriate and stunning.

I on the other hand reached forty a couple of years ago and this wasn’t my soiree. But, like always, I still wanted to look good and dress in my “appropriate”. My rule is show one thing not all things. Meaning if I showed a tad of cleavage, my dress will not be super short. If I show a lot of leg, my dress may be a boatneck or turtleneck style with probably all cleavage hidden. Heck, there are most days where everything is covered and I feel pretty good about that too! It’s just how I roll in my level of confidence when it comes to fashion. When I found the shimmery dress above at H&M, I thought it was both perfect and appropriate for the party and for me.

So there you have it, two women in their forties dressing in what makes them feel beautiful and confident during a celebration of life. Both dresses very different but both made us appropriately happy. Isn’t that how every woman should live her life? In a dress that makes her feel good? I certainly think so!

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